Eyelashe specifications:

Thickness, length and the curl style are some eyelash specifications you need to pay attention in order choose the right products for your needs. Our eyelashes have thicknesses vary from 0.05 to 0.18mm. The thin lashes are suited for volume-lash extensions, the thickness 0.15 or 0.18 are usually used for classic eyelash extension since they will give clients' lashes a bolder and thicker look. Our lashes' lengths are from 8 to 13mm.   

There are several different types of curl which are B (slight curl), C (normal curl), D (curlier than C), and L-shape curl. One factor to decide which curl is best suited your needs is the shape and distance of clients' eyes.

There are several kinds of eyelash trays:

  • Mixed : the lashes length are mixed. Each strips of lashes in the tray will have different lengths and ranges from 8mm to 13mm. You only need to choose the thickness you need.
  • Single: (no mixed), all the lashes in every strips in the tray have the same length. You choose a tray that has the length and thickness you need.
  • Pre-fanned lashes:  this is a pre-made volume lashes. We offer two types of pre-fanned volume eyelashes which are 3D (also called W) and 4D.  The 3D has 3 hairs per one set, and 4D has 4 hairs per one set.

    At this moment, our pre-fanned eyelashes always has 0.07mm thickness, and curl C. You have options to choose 3D or 4D, the thickness and the length. There is no mixed lengths in this type of lashes. You can choose small size (12 strips tray) or big size 16 strips tray)
  • Unit price is : 1 tray.

Mixed B


B-CURL MIXED LENGTH Trên mỗi hộp mi của công ty chúng tôi có ký hiệu như sau : Độ dày: 0.05 và 0.07 dành cho mi volume 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 dành cho mi classic. Độ cong: B cong ít, C cong vừa D cong nhiều L : mi có hình dạng L-shape Độ dài: Mix : trong mỗi hộp...