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ISA Norway

ISA Magnetic Lashes

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This is very new and hot trend in Europe 2019. It is very easy to apply and comfortable to wear. No special skills needed to apply this product. Here are some special characteristics:

  • Only 1 minute for applying the lashes.
  • No glue (no worry about irritation and eye itching)
  • No paraffin (sticky like normal strip lash).
  • Many different styles.

How to buy: you will need at least one lash tray of the style you want and one bottle of magnetic mascara. The mascara bottle can be used for multiple lash tray. For average usage, one mascara bottle can last for about 80 times of use.

How to apply: after applying the eyeliner 2 times, simply hold the false lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly "click" into place

Click to view the instruction video

What make our ISA LASHES different?
Our lashes are made from premium quality material made in Korea. It is soft and hold the shape better than other competitors' products