International Lash Competition USA in 2018

Competition Logo

Dear Lash Artists!

Hoa Beauty Lashes is proud to host the 2018 International Lash Competition in Orlando, Florida USA for the first time on August 19-20th, 2018.

1. Our competition welcomes lash artists to participate at many different levels:
Master Level – for any artists with 1-2 years of experience.
Professional Level – for any artists who have over 2 years of experience, or who are lash trainers, lash educators, and winners of other lash competitions.

2. Important Documents and Certificate:

Please scan and submit a copy of your classic and volume lash certificates. Any productions of a false certificate with an intention to mislead is prohibited. Hoa Beauty Lashes will withdraw any awards received during our competition if we find any wrong-doing.

3. We will host a competition for both classic and volume lashes.

A. Classic:

• One extension to one natural lash
• Duration: 2.5 hours
• Lash thickness: You are only allowed to use 0.10/0.12/0.15

B. Volume:

• 2D
• 3D
• 4D-6D
• Duration: 2.5 hours for volume 2-3D / 3 hours for volume 4-6D.
• Lash thickness: You are allowed to use 0.10/0.07 for 2-3D and 0.03/0.05/0.06/0.07 for 4-6D

C. Glue: You are judged based on the amount of glue used. You should not use too little or too much glue.

D. Symmetry: Both eyes should look the same in length, design, curls, volume, etc.

E. Eyelash design: More points are given to designs that enhance the model's eyes and style.

F. Distance from the eyelid : 0.2 – 0.7mm for classic, and 0.2 – 0.5 mm for volume.

G. Presentation: Work should look refined and not messy.

H. Lash Length : Lash length should extend 0 – 4mm longer than the natural lashes.

I. Coverage: Points are given to the amount of natural lashes used.

J. Perfect line : Points are given to the quality of the perfect line when model's eyes are open.

K. Fans : All fans should look similar and are fanned out with an equal distance. Points will be taken off for uneven fans.

L. Stickies : Points will be taken off if extensions are stuck together, or to natural lashes.

M. Inner and outer corners: all natural lashes in the corners should be fully used. They should not droop or be left unused.

5. Date and Time: August 19-20th at 10:00am.
6. Location:

Orlando, Florida USA

7. Admission Fees:

150 USD non-refundable for applicant per competition category.

8. All the fees can be paid at:

Hoa Beauty Lashes USA : Pay Admision Fee

9. Contact us:

Ms.Thu Doan: (+1) 703 217 7285 or
Ms.Hoa Duong:

For all participating lash artists:
At the International Lash Competition, we will make sure to clearly announce the final results/rankings to all the participating lash artists and guarantee that there will be no favoritism, unfair, or bias in our competition.

1. Ten minutes before the competition begins, we will announce the exact number of the participants competing with you and in your levels so that you can compare your results with them.

2. After the judges totally the final results, we will give your final grade to your model. Models will have to remain at the competition judging area during judging. They are not allowed to leave until their lashes have been examined by each of the judges. After judging, they will need to stay in the judging area for photo shoot. Make sure your model understands this and do not leaving with your final grade.

3. To truly show the fairness and transparency, we will report the names of all the participating artists, results, levels, and rankings on our fan page and our lash competition group online after the event.