Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin has helped shape the outlook of the Eyelash Extension Industry in the US, and more importantly – a cooperative spirit within the industry, worldwide. She is an internationally-known speaker, master educator and certified Fascinate® advisor and coach.

Owner and founder of Lash FX® Global (established 2007), she has been a mentor and trusted colleague to Lash Artists since 2006. Jill works to create a collaborative spirit of sharing best practices, new ideas, the science behind the art, and raising the bar of safety and quality.

Jill pioneered The Be An Amazing Lash Artist Project (BAALA) and the Lash Mastery Group (LMG) in 2010 – the first, complete ONLINE continuing education programs for Advanced Lash Artists and Instructors. Utilizing interactive media, videos, apps and animation, BAALA, the LMG and Volume Mastery Online (est. 2013) can keep lash professionals current with industry trends, product innovations - and fill in the knowledge gaps that were created in the vacuum of one and two-day certification trainings.

Her passion and focus is to make each Lash Artist an expert in their field; able to accurately answer any question about the chemicals and tools we use, preparing them to teach the next generation of artists the NEWEST best practices and the LATEST applied logic and technology. To date, she mentors students, lash artists and industry educators from all around the globe – from Japan to the Netherlands , Belgium to Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, the United Kingdom, the US and Mexico. Her online education platform makes it possible for qualified professionals to log in and learn, no matter what time of day, without travel and without missing precious work to accommodate their thirst for learning.

Co-founder of Global Lash Summit Events, and, more currently, as CEO of Lash Artists International Events, she works diligently with Lash Industry partners to create exceptional continuing education conferences and competitions for the Lash Artists to “level up” their own expertise and return to their clients with new and sharper skills to grow their businesses. Speaking as a guest educator at international conferences and judging lash competitions keeps her finger on the pulse of what is trending, lash-wise. It is a privilege and a pleasure that keeps her on her toes and ever-inspired!

Jill’s passion for the Lash Industry and desire to experience, grow and share firsthand brings her to join the esteemed team of judges at the International Lash Competition USA in Orlando, Florida. She hopes to impart her own tradition of excellence while serving as both juror and sponsor, but also looks forward to learning from and discovering others’ applied talent, skill and creativity while keeping such talented company!

Megan Bradley

Megan Bradley is owner and founder of Wink Lash Products based in Laguna Beach, California. She started practicing the art of eyelash extensions over 13 years ago, when eyelash extensions first took the U.S. by storm. She was first offered a job as an eyelash technician at age 16. During my time working at one of California's pioneering eyelash salons, she was able to advance my knowledge in a variety of continually evolving products, and stay on top of all new lash trends. Megan Bradley quickly became a certified teacher, despite being the youngest on her team. While she was honored to be apart of the other companies she first worked for, she still had a different vision for the future of lash extensions.

Her salon, Wink Lash Studio, first opened its doors in August of 2011. After just a few short months, Wink Lash Studio became the #1 rated lash salon in Newport Beach, and are rated “One of the top 5 lash salons” in all of Orange County by CBS News, along with being rated #1 on both Google and Yelp.

Megan constantly strives to stay up to date on new trends, and prides herself in being the first to offer them. She has traveled across the world testing products ensuring she could offer the best quality to her students in training and customers. She offers training courses around the world and has worked hard to create a curriculum that works best for both beginner and advanced technicians.

Recently, Megan Bradley became the new president of Neesa (the national eyelash education and sanitation association) and has been an eyelash judge and speaker at events such as Lash Wars in Las Vegas, and The League of Lash Masters in Prague, Czech Republic.

This year, Megan Bradley has been asked to participate as a judge for the online Oscars eyelash championship, the Lashmakers Championship in Russia, the International Eyelash Competition in Orlando 2017 in Florida.

Ellie Malmin

Ellie Malmin a true entrepreneur celebrating her 40th year in the beauty industry. Ellie Malmin is a licensed Cosmetologist, Electrologist. She was an active Makeup Judge in the late 80 and 90’s but now enjoying being a Judge in the Lash Industry, and actively teaching and mentoring students in her Lash Brow Makeup Academy.

She is a co-founder of Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Malmin is on Several Advisor Boards throughout the industry.

She is the author of several training manuals, developed training programs for numerous beauty manufactures and lash companies, an ongoing contributing editor for Dermascope Magazine, and a National Public Speaker and Educator. Her newest co venture with a leading Board-Certified Optometrist is an online CE course Eye and Lash Health Institute. Malmin has released her Lashologist Choice™ Barrier Cream. Which is the most innovative product to hit the lash industry in dealing with eye limiting exposure to eyelash adhesives molecules that settle on the skin causing irritation.

You can find more information about her at her websites: www.Anushkaspa.com; www.LashbrowMakeup-Academy.com; www.LashOlogistChoice.com; www.EyeandLashHealthInstitute.com; and her YouTube Educated Channel.

Hoa Duong Ellinsen (Organizer)

Hoa Duong is CEO of Hoa Beauty Lashes in Vietnam and Norway - the biggest lash company supply and in Vietnam, and one of the most favorite lash brand in Norway. Hoa Beauty Lashes has distribution network in Sweeden, Germany, Poland, and USA. Hoa Beauty Lashes is also a organization that host this competition - the International Lash Competition USA 2017.

Hoa Duong is a lash master winner in many different competition in Europe.

Hoa Duong has trained more than one thousand lash student around the world. Many of her students now become lash trainers and lash designers who again have taught many many students.

She is international lash judges in many different competitions in Europe.

Hoa Beauty Lashes is the only one organization that organized international lash competition in Norway 2017, and Vietnam 2015, 2016, and 2017.