International Lash Competition in USA 2020

Lash competition 2019 Tiếng Việt

Welcome you to our most wonderful event in 2020. With the sucess of the USA International Lash Competition 2019, we are proudly invite you to attend our Lash Master Conference and USA International Lash Competition 2020.

▶️ Location: Southern California. Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove Anaheim. 12681 Harbor Boulevard Garden Grove, CA 92840, USA.
Lash Master Conference
▶️ Date: August 14th 2020, from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM
▶️ Price: $599.00 / 1 person or $1200.00  for group 5 participant.
▶️ Deposit 50% to paypal:
All participants will get certificate and gifts from our sponsors.
Lash Competition 2020
Categories of competition
🛡 Classic: 2 hours
🛡 Volume 2D-3D: 2.5hours
🛡 Volume 4D- 7D : 3 hours
🛡 Kim K : 2.5 hours
🛡 Color Lashes: 2.5 hours
🛡 Team work: for who register with 4 friends together
🛡 Lash Queen: its free for who will register for 5 categories only
Date and time
🎀First day: August 15th, 2020.
08:30 - 09.15 AM: Registration Volume 4D-7D
09:30 - 12:30 PM: Competition for Volume 4D-7D

12:40 - 01:15 PM: Registration Color lashes
01:30 - 04:00 PM: Competition for Color lashes

04:30 - 05:00 PM: Register for Classic category
05:15 - 07:15 PM: Competition for classic

🎀Second days: August 16th, 2020
09:00 - 09:20 AM: Registration Volume 2D- 3D
09:30 - 12:00 AM: Competition Volume 2D-3D

12:30 - 01:00 PM: Registration Kim K
01:30 - 04.00 PM: Competition Kim K

07:00 PM: Gala dinner.
⭐️Level Information:⭐️
⭐️Master: under 2 years of experience.
⭐️Professional: over 2 years of experience or is currently a lash trainer.
⭐️Expert: had won in any competitions in 1st, 2nd, 3rd from Master level.
Competition policy

Hoa Beauty Lashes is an experience organizer. We have been organized many lash champions ship since 2015 in Vietnam, Norway ,USA . Our judges are highly renowned lash and beauty industry. Here after are competition policies and rules
▶️Our judges will start to grade contestants' works after the competition time has ended.
▶️Contestants will receive his/her scores table after our judges have completed their grading.
▶️Contestant are allowed to have sometime to prepare materials and setup work place before the competition.
▶️We will provide chairs, beds, disposable bed sheets, and lunch and dinner during the gala night. Participants need to bring their own lights, tools, supplies, and all material for themselves and their models.

Grading rubrics

Our judges will grade applicants' works according to the following criteria:

🔘 Thickness:
🔘 Length
🔘 Styling effect
🔘 Symmetry
🔘 Inner and outer corner
🔘 Stickies
🔘 Distance from Eyelid
🔘 Cleanliness
🔘 Glue
🔘 Fan quality
🔘 Overall
🔘 Direction
🏆 First prize: Trophy + Gift
🏆 Second Prize: Trophy + Gift
🏆 Third prize: Trophy+ Gift
🏆 Lash Queen: Cup + $1,000.00 + Gift and will be Judge for our competition next year.
Team work:
🏆First Prize: trophy for all team + gifts.
🏆Second Prize: Trophy for all team and gifts.
🏆Third prize: Trophy for all team and gifts.
Note: all contestants will receive commemorative medals, certificates and gifts from Hoa Beauty Lashes.
Ticket Fee

Ticket for competition will be paid via paypal:
And please write your name, subject and level participate to email:
🔘1 subject: 200.00 usd
🔘2 subjects: 400.00 usd
🔘3 subjects: 550.00 usd
🔘4 subjects: 650.00 usd
🔘5 subjects: 700.00 usd
📍Note: If you want to hire our model, the model cost is $60.00 / model.

Register Now :

Cuộc thi nối mi tại Nam California , USA

🔴 Lệ Phí Tham dự
● 1 môn: 200.00 usd
● 2 môn: 400.00 usd
● 3 môn : 550.00 usd
● 4 môn: 650.00 usd
● 5 môn: 700.00 usd
● Đăng ký sẽ trả qua paypal:
● Sau khi đắng kí, vui lòng thông báo  họ tên, môn thi, cấp độ qua email:;

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