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Tweezers Volume

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Tweezer for Russian Volume Extension

Volume Tweezer are one of most use, and most favorite tweezers of eyelashes extension artists because following characteristics:

It's blades provide strong and sturdy grab for volume or fan lashes. This tweezers are must-have tool for volume eyelash and mega-volume eyelash extensions

The volume tweezers is designed to be able to grab from 5 to 10 lashes (5D - 10D) the same time. Highly trained technicians can use this tweezers to grap up to 20D of lashes of thickness 0.05 to 0.10mm.

All tweezers sold by us are check by hands by our technicians. Any tweezers that do not meet our high requirements will be sent back to manufactures.

Price is applied for 1 unit.