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Tweezers Mega Volume L-90

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Mega volume tweezers is also called L-90 tweezers is specifically designed for mega volume lash extension from 10 D and up to 20 D. In contrast with volume tweezers which have thick and large blades, mega volume tweezers L-90 have thin and smaller blades 90 degree angle to the handle, so you can see the lashes better when you take large number of short lashes (6,7,8mm).

This tweezers' blades are special refined so it can grab from 10 to 20 lashes (10-20 D) at the same time. The blades are 90 degree so it cannot be used for lash isolating tasks like the L-45 tweezers.

Nhíp mega volume (hay còn gọi nhíp volume L-90)

Lưỡi nhíp mỏng dễ quan sát có thể gắp chính xác 10-20 sợi cùng một lúc. Lưỡi nhíp mỏng, nghiêng 90 độ so với thân nhíp giúp làm fan dễ hơn.

Lưu ý: do lưỡi nhíp nghiêng 90 độ, mega tweezers không phù hợp để sử dụng tách mi như nhíp L-45.