Luxury Super Dark Silk 0.07

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We introduce to you our new luxury volume lash extension is SUPER DARK SILK.

  • Korean Premium quality synthetic material.
  • Color is very dark black, soft like silk and super lightweight.
  • Easy grabbing adhesive.
  • Environmental friendly packaging.
  • Smart box design, box is became lash palette when it opens.
  • Thickness: 0.07mm
  • Curl: available options are C, D, L, L+, M
  • Length: available option
    • C : 8mm - 14mm, and mixed  (8-14mm)
    • D : 8mm - 15mm, and mixed (8-14mm)
    • L,L+,M : mixed (8-14mm)
  • Number of lines: 12 for single length, or 16 lines for mixed length.
  • Sale unit : 1 paper tray.


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