This is a group of products and tools that used in the preparing process for the eyelash extension tasks.

Pre-Made Gel Pad


Pre-made Gel Pad has three designed options: the kitten eyes, the doll eyes and cat eyes. For each pad, there are some length indicator : ES : extra short, S: short, M: medium, L : long.  Unit price is for 1 sheet.   Gel Pad thiết kế sẵn có 3 lựa chọn: kitten eyes (mắt mèo con), doll eyes (mắt...

Under Eye Gel Patches (individual)


Under Eye Gel Patch (1 pair) Our under eye gel patches are soft and they are very comfortable during the whole time of extension process.  They are no fibers that cause interfere to your treatment. There are 1 pairs in each bag and it has economical benefit to any technicians or spa that has large number of clients. Our under...

EyesLash Cleaning Brush


This disposable eyelash cleaning brush is used only once for applying the cleaning foam to the client's eyelash. It allow technician to apply the foam evenly and thoroughly in order to remove oil residue on the clients' lashes. It is a critical step that help the extension lashes to perfectly bond into the natural lashes. Unit price: 1 brush. Unit...

Practicing Lash


Practicing Lash is a tray include 10 pairs of training lashes. It is ideal to use with combination of mannequin head.   Price Unit: 1 tray of 10 pairs of strips. Unit weight : 40g (1.5oz) Khay mi giả tập nối,  mỗi hộp có 10 cặp sử dụng để thực tập nối mi tại nhà. Có thể sử dụng dán lên...

Jade Stone Glue holder

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Sticker for glue stone


This disposable sticker is used for holding a glue on a stoned glue holder. It helps keep the glue holder clean. This sticker also does not absorb the glue as well as the lay of film on top of it will not be dissolved by the eyelash glue like many other kinds of sticker. Therefore, it does not cause any...