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Glue Amazing

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Glue Amazing :

Amazing Glue is one of our the best selling glue and the most favorite glue of Hoa Beauty Lashes  for Russian Volume extension because of following characteristics

1. Fast drying glue 1-2 seconds.

Fast drying time allow highly trained, or experienced technician to speed up their work, especially in doing volume or mega lash.

2. Drying in moderate humidity level (50-60%).

The glue work well in relative humidity level of 50-60% which is suitable for climate zone of the United States, Canada. It works well in winter time too as it no need much of moisture to harden.

3. Very durable : 4-6 weeks

Because of containing high percentage of Cyanoacrylate, the glue is very durable which allow it to hold extensions in 4-6 weeks. (Please  be advised that the durable of the extensions depend on the durable of glue, the pre-clean condition of the clients' natural lashes, the humidity level, and the skill of technicians)

4. Amazing Glue liquid has low thickness or thinner viscosity.

This is one of the favorite characteristic of the Amazing Glue. After receiving many feedback from our masters, and technicians over many countries, we trade off some back dye substance in the glue in exchange for low consistency. As the result, the glue become thinner, not sticky, hence become much easier to make fan lashes.

When using for volume lashes, it allow less experienced technicians to create and smaller and smoother base fan volume lash.

Note :
As with all glues, please patch test your clients 48 hours before their treatment. Once opened, store in a cool dry room. Keep it tightly closed in upright position. Shelf life is 5-6 weeks since the bottle has been opened. 

How to use:

  • Share well before use with a piece of facial tissue or napkin cover the tip of the bottle every time of use. Tighten the cap after use.
  • Drop two drops of glue to the glue holder. Use the second drop of glue and do not use the first drop as it may has lower glue density.
  • Unit price : 1 bottle
  • Weight : 5g, 0.17floz

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